Sink repair service

The Aqua Pro Plumbing Co team is known for its excellence in sink repair. We are proud of the fact that we can handle any type or size installation, and our highly trained technicians will provide top-quality service with a smile!

Sinks have tough jobs: they take care of food scraps during cooking processes, house dirty dishes after use by kitchen employees, store all manner of drainage from water sports enthusiasts who need an extra shower when out on vacation but don’t want their clothes dry cleaned at home–well okay maybe not everything about them has been used up just yet. After many years’ worth ore work hours put into washing one particular vessel there may be indications it’s time to call upon qualified professionals if you notice something fishy.

We answer calls 24/7 and are available for same-day appointments. Schedule an appointment with our sink repair services experts today by calling (480) 613-2243!

Is it time to repair or replace your broken sink?

A sink can last for years, or it might need to be replaced once you’ve renovated your kitchen. Cosmetic damage is acceptable if the functionality of a sink isn’t affected by this type of problem- but deep cracks may require replacing it completely with something new!

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