Faucet repair service

We fix your leaking faucets and make them work like new. We also offer installation services for those who are not comfortable working on their own pipes, which is why our team members know the ins-and outs of every home plumbing issue imaginable! Our goal? To be able to provide a quick solution when you need it most.

Many people don’t think about how much time these often overlooked components spend under high-stress usage patterns with little maintenance; however, they become one major nuisance in any household once malfunctions start happening at an alarming rate because then there will always seem something wrong going around back here without warning from anywhere.

You can count on us for all of your faucet repair needs! We’re the best in town, so give (480) 613-2243! a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly team members who will fix you up right away.

Save Water and Save Cash With Aqua Pro Plumbing Co

We all hate a dripping faucet. Not only does it signify wasted resources, but also money down the drain! If you ignore the drip for too long instead of fixing it yourself (which can be easy) then over time this could cost more than what was originally thought- even if it’s just an easy project like those pesky drips from your sink or showerhead.

It’s important to know that our team at Aqua Pro Plumbing Co are always on call 24/7 ready with professional solutions whenever something goes wrong in your home plumbing system

Don’t hesitate to call us today for help with your plumbing problem. We are the pros who can get it done and will make sure that you’re satisfied! Call (480) 613-2243 now.